21-Day Racial Equity Activism Self-Care Challenge©

Curated by Eddie Moore, Jr., Debby Irving, Tilda Kapuya, Director of Equity & Community at San Francisco University High School, and June Christian. 

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is an act of political Warfare.” –Audre Lorde

When white supremacy wears us down to the point of ineffectiveness, white supremacy wins. Because white supremacy thrives when we deny humanity, ours and others’, tending to our human needs is vital. And, using the oxygen mask on the airplane analogy, we can hardly care for our collective humanity if we don’t first pay attention to our own. Joy, positive energy, clarity, deep relationships, and resilience not only feel good, they are powerful forms of resistance. Though it can feel counterintuitive to take time for self-care when the world around us is in crisis and many of us have zero time for self-care, understanding and practicing self-care is not only “allowed,” it is required of us. Activism is a marathon, not a sprint. We hope the below resources will help you stay physically and spiritually nourished so you can step up and stay in the intergenerational struggle for liberation.

How does one use this document? Decide how much time you have to spend on this challenge daily, and do as much as you can each day. There are more resources here than you probably have time for. The important thing is that you do some work every day for 21 days. That’s how we build sustained habits.

HELP! I”m too burned out to do this plan! 

Great that you’re noticing your own limitations. Start with the “TAKE A BREATH” items below for immediate relief.

Get Started

Commit. Choose an Activity. Complete. Reflect. Repeat. 

  • Individuals

    Jump right in! You pick your start day and commit to one of the 9 action categories below on each of those days… yes, it is that simple to get started! The hope is that you will change things up based on your schedule, commitment, and understanding, so you will be able to attempt all activity types.

  • Groups or Organizations

    Use our Copyright and Recognition Page to get started on the planning and advertising, so your group is cohesive in your approach to the 21-Day Action Plan. Use our Facebook page or Prohabits to stay engaged with each other. As a group you can select which action type and resource to complete as a group or have individuals select for themselves. We have found engagement occurs either way. It is a good idea to plan a pre and post survey and discussion as a group to assess skills building and which challenge you will do next!

  • Adapters

    We encourage organizations to make the challenge fit their audience. Using the structure, intent, and resources within the 21-Day Action Plans, you can adjust daily design, prompts, or how you choose to reflect and engage as a group. Click HERE for adaptation ideas and examples of how communities are adapting the challenge to meet their specific social justice focus. Remember the required recognition. Reach out to us with your adaptations, so we can share with others.

Automated Interaction

Stay on Course

Engage & Network

Choose One Activity Per Day

To further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.


This challenge called for different activities that required you to take care of you. Breathing re-centers you. It is a practice that only requires you to stop and breathe!


black woman, eyes closed, payer hands in front of heart

photo credit: Madison Lavern on Unsplash


Listen in on the kinds of open, honest conversations that too many of us avoid having.




Watch and learn. We've offered everything from short videos to full-length films. 




Notice: Why didn’t I see this sooner? It’s easy to overlook what we’re not looking for.


In this challenge, you are the subject that is being noticed. Check in with you! 

Follow Racial Justice activists, educators, organizations, and movements on social media.

Consider connecting with any of the people  you learn about in the above resources. Here are more ideas to widen your circle of who you follow. Pro Tip: check out who these organizations follow, quote, repost, and retweet to find more people to follow.



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