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21-Day Challenge Delivered Via Text or Email 

Picking and choosing activities, not for you? Choose this version of the Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge and get daily prompts delivered to you via text or email. This option, delivered to you by ProHabits also allows you to join a community forum of others currently doing the challenge and commenting on the experience.

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The 21-Day Action Plan is created to work with the participant(s) – this is how habits are built.

  • How it works

    ProHabits is an interactive safe space for growing together. In collaboration, we developed a 21-Day racial equity habit challenge that is delivered to your email or texts. You sign up by providing your contact information and the rest is sent directly to you.

  • What to expect

    Each day for 21-Days (it adjusts to your work week if needed!) you receive an email or text prompt for that days activity. You commit to the activity, complete the activity, and use the platform to interact with others in the challenge. Micro actions, micro learning, macro change.

  • Can there be Moore

    Organizations that would like to create an adaptation specific to their organization, using the framework of email delivery, set actions, tracking, and moore, contact us. There is a fee associated with this that goes directly to ProHabits. Contact us to get started 21daychallenge@theprivilegeinstitute.com

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If you are using, revising or editing the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge © content created by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and his team at The Privilege Institute, giving credit to the creators is required. Remember, now more than ever, you/your organization must always give credit for the social justice tools/ideas created by BIPOC folks doing and leading Antiracist work. We’ve made it easy to give the proper recognition to be used on websites, social media sites, in email communication, during interviews and/or infomercials. Click HERE for our copyright information and tools to incorporate the required recognition in your plan. We are committed to offering the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge © free of charge. We are constantly enhancing the materials, monitoring social media pages, responding to inquiries/questions, and Moore.

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