The Challenges

Each 21-Day Habit Building Action Plan is a set of tools you choose from to get started skill-building, knowledge gaining, and behavior changing related to inequities stemming from power and white supremacy. There is no pre-work needed. You start where you are by selecting content that resonates with you.

The materials address social justice, racial injustice, gender issues, transgender issues, issues across class and religion and Moore. Even as you are reading this, we are at work developing more challenges!

It is important to note that the materials are honest and real. A visceral reaction may occur with one or Moore daily activities. Do not let this deter you; lean in, reflect, and keep learning. The action plans are not about making people feel bad; it’s about us doing better – ALL of us.

This is a skill-building and habit-building tool and the more you do it, just like any habit, the better you’ll get. The daily activities are meant to fit into your schedule not take you away or ask that you make space for them. In committing to the challenge, you are committing to skill-building. Materials cross generational, racial, and gender lines, which is to be expected as these intersect when discussing inequities.

What we now know from the research is that 21 days is only a beginning. The actual amount of time it takes to build a habit or change a habit is over 60 days. Think of the 21-Days as a kickoff to the goal of doing one thing a day for the rest of your life. The hope is that with enough of us reaching this goal, we will create systemic, organization change throughout the world.

Below are the elements included in each 21-Day Habit Building Action Plan. Additionally, we have provided resources to keep track, reflect, and engage with others. Then you will select which challenge interests you and get started. Then come back and select a new challenge! Moore challenges are being developed. 

How Each Challenge Works

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You'll Choose One Activity Per Day

Change it up and pick from a variety of learning, acting, and reflecting. Get engaged and #MakeItHappen

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Choose a Challenge

Challenges are continually created and will be featured here as they are finished. 

Choose an Adaptation or Make an Adaptation

Many organizations have used our challenges as a guide to develop organization-specific challenges. You can too!


If you are using, revising or editing the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge © content created by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and his team at The Privilege Institute, giving credit to the creators is required. Remember, now more than ever, you/your organization must always give credit for the social justice tools/ideas created by BIPOC folks doing and leading Antiracist work. We’ve made it easy to give the proper recognition to be used on websites, social media sites, in email communication, during interviews and/or infomercials. Click HERE for our copyright information and tools to incorporate the required recognition in your plan. We are committed to offering the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge © free of charge. We are constantly enhancing the materials, monitoring social media pages, responding to inquiries/questions, and Moore.